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March 17 Update – Words from a Tropical Paradise (not really)

Not a tropical paradise – just my backyard and our Magnolia tree…

I am grateful for the ways that even in the midst of the craziness of this time that we are able to connect.  This message is all about those ways – ideas that we are working on and one specific way that we can connect on Thursday (and hopefully following ones as well).  

First off, worship went well all things considered (putting it together on short notice, working out some technical kinks, and even a phone call coming in during the middle of my sermon).  I am grateful that were were able to connect with over 60 people right at the time of the service and we’ve connected with many more in the days since as others have watched and shared the service.  If you didn’t get a chance to be a part of it, you can view it right below here.  There will be an update later this week about how to access the service on Sunday.  

Ignore the “Title Text Here” — I forgot to edit that out on the intro page…

You can also find all the videos that we will be sharing in the coming weeks at our new YouTube channel – linked here.  

Wednesday Lunch Study – 12pm
I’d like to invite you to participate in a lunch Bible study each week during this crazy time.  We will be using Zoom video chatting to do it.  Good news is that you can participate in this even if you don’t have a webcam or the software to do it.  I’ll send out a separate email tomorrow morning about how to connect to the call if you want to participate.  It will also be posted on the church website as well here and it will be on the church Facebook page too.  If you’d like to participate, check your email tomorrow morning, check back here, or check the church Facebook page.  

Other Opportunities
I’m definitely available for other video chats, phone calls, etc.  If there’s someone you feel I should reach out to, please let me know.  If you’d like to talk, pray, read, etc – just let me know.  

This is a strange, weird, and scary time in many ways for all of us.  None of us have gone through something like this so we have to remember how we need to be present with one another as best as we are able, listen to out own feelings as well as those of others, and to be regularly praying for all of this and for one another.  

As I shared in my sermon on Sunday, this is a time of how we remember the God with and for us and how we are called to be with and for one another.  

For those who were not able to view the video at the beginning here’s the blessing that I shared – written by Arianne Braithwaite Lehn...

Into your spacious heart 
and loving hands, dear God,  
I place my fears, 
my “what if’s,” 
my spinning world and mind…
Comfort me with the truth 
No fear is too big  
for the Great One within me. 
I am never alone.  
Calming God, bring courage. 
Tender Spirit, breathe peace. 
Gentle Jesus, be close. 


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