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Green Team

The Christ Church UCC Green Team was formed in March of 2022. The purpose was to work towards fulfilling God’s first job he gave humanity, caring for creation (Genesis 2:15). With a dedicated group of 12 people on the Green Team and incredible support from the congregation, many goals have been set and met.

Our immediate action was to buy all recycled paper products. Now, all new purchases of office paper and church supplies are made from recycled paper.

Our first project was to create a recycling station to be used by the church and community. While there are recycling resources through Rumpke and several stores that take other items, there is still a lot of waste that had no place to go but in a landfill. Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub is a non-profit that takes most of the items other places don’t. The Christ Church recycling station collects items they take, then members of the Green Team deliver the items on a bi-weekly basis to their facility. Thanks to a generous gift from Rumpke, we were able to purchase water-proof bins and a shelving unit that is kept outside on the Audubon side of the church yard.
Click here for a printable pdf that lists what we take.

The items that can currently be dropped off at Christ Church’s recycling station are:
• Footwear: Clean flip-flops, shoes, boots, sandals, etc. (Any condition accepted.)
• Empty Pill Bottles: (Please remove labels completely)
• Soft contact lenses and packaging
• Oral Care: Empty toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrushes, plastic outer packaging, empty floss containers, mouthwash bottles and caps (NO Electric or battery toothbrushes, and/or their parts)
• Razors and Blades: Clean disposable razors, blades, and plastic packaging. (NO electric razors or parts please)
• Styrofoam: Clean, white molded foam packaging, and packing peanuts (Peanuts must be contained please)
• Bread clips: Square clips used on baked goods
• Plastic Cards: Gift cards, expired credit cards (cut up please), membership cards
• Plastic cutlery: Clean disposable forks, knives, and spoons (NO napkins or plastic bags please) 
Christ Church UCC is located at 15 South Ft. Thomas, across from the post office.
Our outdoor recycling station is on the right side of the church on Audubon Place.
You are welcome to drop off any time!

What Other Places Take
Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub
Home Depot
Many others:
Retailers that Recycle

Our next task was to create a pollinator garden. A grant from the Campbell County Extension Service paid for the materials and we provided the labor and some small boulders. The bird bath was already available. Within a month, our new garden was completely filled in and covered with buzzing bees and butterflies.

Our last outdoor task was to install a compost bin. This will be utilized by our landscape workers and groups inside and outside the church. The bin was free from the Campbell County Extension Service after going to a class they held about composting.

Christ Church is blessed with many talented people and a member of the Green Team, Thierry Paillette, crafted a beautiful mug holder that now hangs on our parlor kitchen wall. This was made as part of the Green Team’s initiative to use less disposable dishes. 

We are currently working towards becoming a designated Creation Justice Church. You may be wondering, what that is. It’s simply a church that strives to protect God’s planet and God’s people. It reflects our humble self-awareness that we are part of the order our Creator is working with to redeem and sustain. The word “justice” indicates our commitment to ensure the protection of God’s planet and God’s people from exploitation. Here are the five big reasons we want to become a Creation Justice church:
1) It’s our calling! The first job God gave to his people is to care for his creation. (Genesis 2:15)
2) It’s what Jesus would do! Paul explains how Jesus sought to right the covenant between God and creation. (Romans 8:20-24)
3) Who doesn’t want clean air and water? Every Christian can come together in protecting the gifts of creation.
4) It’s about justice! As Christians, we seek justice—to be in the right relationship with God, our neighbors, and all of creation.
5) It’s in our DNA! It is one of the most significant parts of the UCC denominational heritage.

The UCC has several steps that must be fulfilled in order to be considered a designated Creation Justice Church. Our Green Team has fulfilled most of these. One of the last steps is to adopt a Creation Justice Covenant. If this is adopted, we will submit an application and become a designated UCC Creation Justice church.

Future plans are to create an area inside the church with educational materials, find ways to make the church building more energy efficient, and look for ways to use the pollinator garden as an educational tool.

If you have any questions or would like to be part of the Green Team,
please call the church office at (859) 441-2565