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Compassion Camp – Children – Week 1

I am excited to share two new components of our summer series, Compassion Camp: Be Loved, Be Kind, Be You, music and yoga! My sons, Jack and Ben, helped to lead this weeks yoga lesson. As a disclaimer, we are not trained yoga instructors. I hope you find it easy to follow along and thought the kids would enjoy following the poses with another child. I encourage you to do it with them!  As it is a video of children, please contact Kelly directly for the link rather than us posting it here.

The song was released by Illustrated Ministries to go with the first session, At the Table. They have songs for each of the 5 sessions and each one is excellent. I find them to be easy to sing along with and a good companion to the lesson. 

Please watch for a package with materials for this first session as well as instructions on each item. Reach out with any questions! Also, I’d like to do a zoom call at the conclusion of each session prior to introducing the next one. The zoom call will be on Saturday, June 27, at 11am. Please email Kelly for the zoom link information.