Sunday Worship
Sanctuary 10:30am
15 S. Ft Thomas Ave
Ft Thomas, Kentucky 41075

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During this season of uncertainty, there is no more appropriate book for us to spend time with in the Bible than the Psalms. The Psalms are the prayerbook and songbook of the Bible and they speak the truth time and time again of the God who is with and for. God who is with us as individuals and communities and the world as a whole. God who is for us as individuals and communities and the world as a whole. They also speak the whole of the human experience – from the times of the greatest joys and the deepest sorrows to times of certainty and to times of deep questioning and doubt. But the same message is through them all. God who is with and God who is for.

We encourage you to take time each day to read and pray through a Psalm. One practice is to read it twice – once silently and then a second time aloud. You can do this on your own or with others. To go deeper, find ways to let the Psalm settle deeper into you – journaling about it, taking a photo to capture something of that Psalm in your day, asking yourself where you find yourself in these ancient prayers and songs.

To help with your practice, we have several resources for you. First, a simple one page calendar of readings starting with Sunday, March 23 but you can start it whenever you would like. Simply a Psalm a day.

The other resources are videos that Pastor Ed is recording. Each video is a Psalm read aloud, a poem connected to it, and then a brief reflection / practice for it. Here is Psalm 1 and then links to the remaining Psalms follow (and will be updated as they are recorded). Also, if you’re interested in Pastor Ed’s companion during most of these videos, here’s an introduction to Scout.