Sunday Worship
Sanctuary 10:30am
15 S. Ft Thomas Ave
Ft Thomas, Kentucky 41075


Some of you have already heard this news through the grapevine, but we are scheduled to resume in person worship services on March 14! It will be so nice to see people in the sanctuary once again! The Re-Forming Task Force meeting in the coming days to finalize a few details. There will be more details sent out next week, but we will be generally following the same plans that we did when we were in person in September-November last year. As tempting as it is to want to “get back to normal,” we are not there yet. So again, look for specifics in next week’s message but in general here is what you can expect…Pre-registration – we will be asking people to pre-register for services once again. You will be doing this online or you can call the church office. Please note that you will be able to register for future weeks with this system now and not simply one week at a time. Masks – While we know that many have received the Covid-19 vaccine already, we will still be requiring masks while in the building. This is because people who have been vaccinated can still be transmitters of the virus and there are many in our congregation (Pastor Ed for example) who are not yet eligible for the vaccine. Social Distancing – The re-forming team will be establishing some new guidelines and plans for how we will be seated in the sanctuary when we’re in person. Those will be communicated next week. Patience – We all want to be back to “normal” but we aren’t there yet. So we will not be resuming things like passing of the peace, passing offering plates, “normal” communion, etc in the immediate. Those will be phased back in as we move forward. Online services – We will continue to offer services online for those who are unable or not comfortable with being in person as yet.


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