Sunday Worship
Sanctuary 10:30am
15 S. Ft Thomas Ave
Ft Thomas, Kentucky 41075

Sermon: Jesus Wept

As you may have seen (or heard) this morning, we didn’t exactly do the Q&R about Lazarus that I emailed about on Monday. As the questions came in and as events in the church happened, I very much felt the Spirit pushing me towards a focus on that super-short but amazingly powerful verse – Jesus wept – from the story of Lazarus. You can find the video for the sermon on the church webpage or our YouTube page
I didn’t want your excellent questions to go without responses, however. So click the button below for a PDF with some of my reflections that would have been in a sermon about it had the week not transpired as it did. Please know that these are just one person’s thoughts – there’s likely other perspectives on the questions as well. But if you want to chew some more on these questions, I’d love to do so! 

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  1. Oh Pastor Ed — what a wonderful message. I have been going to church and study for 79 years and never have I ever heard the emphasis on Lazarus story before the crucifixion of Christ.
    Thank you! You have touched my soul in so many ways as I have attended this church.
    I am new to this area as I moved here to be closer to my son as I get older and it has been and is quite a challenge for me, changing everything at my age. I have had a lot of anxiety about it and am just now getting a little more comfortable about certain things. I lost my husband eight years ago and have had a very hard time with that too. I so want to become a part of this wonderful church but my anxieties and fears have kept me from being there consistently. Do not know where this has all come from and have asked God for help but guess it is what it is. Thank you for listening and maybe sharing it with you and others that I have will help it lose some of its power. It just occurred to me that I need to share it in a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous too as I just celebrated 35 years of sobriety, always have been active and have have the same anxiety about going to new meetings.
    Something that you said today to your congregation has given me the freedom to open up to you today. God Bless and thank you, Biancy Middleton

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