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How to Connect to the Bible Study + Service Opportunity

As promised I am sending the info about the Bible study via Zoom today.  Once again, a lot to read…sorry about that…

I’ll give you specific details of how to access but before we get into that, I wanted to share about a wonderful and needed service opportunity.  I just received a message from Brighton Center about what they are doing in this time and they need people who can help deliver food to seniors each Wednesday between 12 and 230.  They need people who can use their personal vehicles to help.  I am planning on participating in this starting next Wednesday and to do that I’d like to move the weekly Bible study to Tuesdays starting NEXT WEEK.  So we’ll still meet at 12 today but next week we’ll move to Tuesday.  Make sense?  

But…I would like to not be the only one from Christ Church participating, so if you are interested, able, and comfortable in helping with this, please let me know so I can communicate to Madison how many people we’ll have to help out.  Also, remember that sharing this is with those in a vulnerable population and if you are in one of those populations yourself, please consider whether it is wise for you to participate.  I hate saying that but I first and foremost want everyone to be as safe and healthy as possible.   

Ok, so onto details for participating in the Bible study today.  If you plan on participating, please read the info at the end of the message and try to get things set up before 12pm so you are able to jump right in.  Also if you know someone who would want to participate but does not have internet access, please call them with info of how to connect and help walk them through it.  I’d rather someone get 20 phone calls inviting them than not being invited at all.  

Before I share the instructions, I really hope you will jump in to give it a try and we can work on ways we can stay connected to one another and to Jesus in this time.  It is so important for us to maintain these spaces as best we can and this is one way we can try to do so.  I read the following in a book of poetry inspired by the Psalms and it speaks to this time we are in.  This quote is inspired by Psalm 2.

So, please let me know if you are interested (and safe and able) in helping to serve with Brighton Center, note the change in date for this Bible study (moving next week to Tuesday) and I look forward to participating with you in this today.  

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Ed

Here are specifics of how to connect in various ways.  

First, have your Bible with you!  🙂

To Connect Via Zoom (video chat) on a tablet or a phone
If you are using a tablet or a phone and have downloaded the zoom software for your table or phone, just click this link – – and you will be connected.  You do not need a zoom account to use it.  But you do need the app.  You can download for iOS here ( ) or for Android here (  (it is free).  

To Connect via Zoom (video chat) on a laptop or desktop computer.  
First, you need a computer that has a webcam.  If you don’t have a webcam, the software won’t work.  If you don’t have a webcam, see below for two other options.  If you do have a webcam, just click this link – – and it will guide you through the steps.  You may need to install software on your computer but it will guide you through it.  

To connect via Zoom (audio only)
If you are using a smartphone (iPhone, android, etc) but just want audio, just tap on either of these numbers


It will go through all the steps when you call and you’ll be connected.  If it asks for a participant ID, just hit the # symbol and you’ll be in via audio.  I’ll be able to hear you and you can hear everyone in the group.  

If you are using a regular phone, dial either 312 626 6799 or 929 205 6099 and when prompted, enter 992 446 764 for the meeting ID.  Again, if it asks you for a participant ID, just hit # and you’ll be connected.  

Facebook Live
This will also be streamed to Facebook live (like we did on Sunday).  However, you can only participate via messages posted on facebook and not in any other way.  So if you just want to go that route, just go to the church facebook page (

I know that’s a lot of information, but I hope it makes sense.  Feel free to email me, call me, or text me prior to 12 if you have questions about the above. Also, please let me know if you are interested in helping at Brighton next Wednesday.  

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Ed


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