Sunday Worship
Sanctuary 10:30am
15 S. Ft Thomas Ave
Ft Thomas, Kentucky 41075

Worship Information for 3/15 – How to access

Good afternoon all – We have tested things out and I think we’re ready to go for tomorrow.  Here is how to access the service tomorrow morning – there are two methods – the Live Video and the Call-In Option.

Time – The feed will go live at 10:25am.  If you try to access before that, you’ll likely get an error.  

Live Video – This is the preferred way for most people to access.  After 10:25am, go to and as you scroll down, you’ll see a window that says, “Christ Church is live” – you might need to click the play button but that’s it.  

IMPORTANT – If you are trying to access via most tablets or a phone, you will need to have the Facebook app to view the feed.  We found today that some phones and tablets do not need the app but some did.  

Call-in Option – Please reserve this only for those who do not have internet access or if you have trouble accessing the live feed as only 100 people can access via this method.  To access this way please do the following:
1.  Call 929-205-6099
2.  When prompted (and you will be prompted quickly and repeatedly) enter the nine digit access code – 201 854 983
3.  It will ask you for a participant code or ID or to just skip by hitting #.  Just hit #
4.  All participants via this method are muted by default so you won’t be speaking over the rest of the service. 

Next week, we will likely have a slightly easier way to access the live feed but for now, we know this method is working and we are going to go this route for tomorrow.  These instructions will also be posted by tomorrow morning on the church website.  

Two last things…
1.  The video feed will be available after the service as well.  Facebook does save the feed so if you are unable to participate at 1030 tomorrow morning and want to view it later, you can do so.  
2.  If you are going to participate live tomorrow, please have something with you for sharing communion – could be a cracker or a piece of bread or even a cookie and then something to drink – could be grape juice, wine, water, orange juice, etc.  But we will be sharing communion in this way.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reply and we’ll try to help answer your question before the service.  I am grateful for the gift of technology that allows us to do this.  

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Ed 


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